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UAW members on the job at GM plants after contract expires
Posted 1 hour 36 minutes ago

The four-year contract between General Motors and the United Auto Workers expired Saturday, but workers were told to report to their jobs as negotiations on a new deal continued and the prospect of a national strike loomed. About 850 UAW-represented janitors who work for Aramark, a separate company, went on strike Sunday after working under an extended contract since March of 2018, the union said. The strike covered eight GM facilities in Ohio and Michigan, and it appeared that GM workers were crossing picket lines Sunday set up by their own union.


Climate Activists Don’t Know How to Talk to Christians
Posted 5 hours 1 minute ago

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo GettyThis story is part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 220 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story.  Religious Christians are the key to America taking action on global warming. And yet, the way climate activists frame the issue often alienates the very people they most need to persuade. First, the math. Seventy percent of Americans say they want the government to take action to combat global warming. But the Republican Party has, in the last two decades, gone from accommodating a wide range of perspectives on climate change to marching lock-step to the energy industry’s climate denial tune.Most Republicans, however, don’t work for the energy industry. Over half of Republican voters identify as conservative Christians—either evangelicals, Catholics, or others. These voters may be right-wing on social issues, right-wing on immigration, and right-wing on ‘big government.’ But they’re not necessarily right-wing on allowing the Earth’s climate to be radically disrupted—and if they move, the Republican Party will have to move too.But according to two new studies conducted by the Yale Program for Climate Communication and published in the journal Science Communication, most religious Christians understand global warming in very different terms from others.The first study “found that ‘protect God’s creation’ is one of the most important motivations that Christians report for wanting to mitigate global warming.” Resonant messages included “God made humans responsible for taking care of His creation”; “We can use nature for our benefit, but it is not OK to destroy God’s garden that He entrusted to us”; and the language of “stewardship” over the Earth.And the second study found that framing the issue of global warming in moral and religious terms was crucial for Christians to care about it, because it suggested that “people like themselves” care about the issue.“People derive values, a sense of self, and social norms from the groups to which they belong,” said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Program and a co-author of the two studies. “Messages that resonate with group identities may be especially effective in influencing people’s attitudes.”In other words, we think the way our group thinks. If we believe that no one in our group cares about a certain issue, we’re less likely to care about it. If we believe that our core values have nothing to do with a certain issue, we’re less likely to care about it.Unfortunately, when one turns to how the issue is framed in public, these messaging frames are conspicuously absent.For example, the introduction to next week’s U.N. Climate Action Summit reads, in part:> Global emissions are reaching record levels and show no sign of peaking. The last four years were the four hottest on record, and winter temperatures in the Arctic have risen by 3°C since 1990. Sea levels are rising, coral reefs are dying, and we are starting to see the life-threatening impact of climate change on health, through air pollution, heatwaves and risks to food security.> > The impacts of climate change are being felt everywhere and are having very real consequences on people’s lives. Climate change is disrupting national economies, costing us dearly today and even more tomorrow. But there is a growing recognition that affordable, scalable solutions are available now that will enable us all to leapfrog to cleaner, more resilient economies.If you’re like me—highly educated, privileged, urban-dwelling, and liberal—that language is probably pretty effective. But according to the new Yale studies, it will probably ring hollow for the constituency that’s most central to changing the United States’ current intransigence on climate science and climate action.Indeed, the U.N. language doesn’t even include the “most important reason to reduce global warming” chosen by both Christians and non-Christians in the Yale studies, namely: “Provide a better life for our children and grandchildren.” Instead, it provides a bunch of ecological verbiage about coral reefs and food security.Nor, of course, is the problem confined to the United Nations.The Environmental Defense Fund—one of the more centrist and mainstream of American environmental organizations—likewise only mentions the environmental impacts of global warming on its page “why fighting change is so urgent”: “extreme weather events… chunks of ice in the Antarctic have broken apart… wildfire seasons are months longer… coral reefs have been bleached of their colors… mosquitoes are expanding their territory, able to spread disease.” And yet it doesn’t provide the primary reasons given by people in general (leaving a better world for our children) or Christians in particular (protecting God’s creation). Of course, these omissions make sense in some ways. First, obviously, plenty of atheists, Jews, Muslims, and people of other religious backgrounds care about climate change. Especially anyone with kids or grandkids.But it’s also unlikely that the people writing copy for climate change websites are religious Christians themselves, and are using language that “preaches to the choir,” which in this case means other secular environmentalists. But if no one speaks in terms that Christians, especially conservative Christians, care about, then climate activists are only going to be talking to themselves.Which is exactly what’s happened. Levels of understanding and concern about climate change have more or less plateaued in the last few years. On the political level, nothing is happening. Thirty-four percent of Americans still do not “believe” that global warming is being caused by humans, and only 44 percent of Americans say they “worry a great deal” about it. Another recent Yale study found that voters rank it just 17th among issues of concern.Given the extreme likelihood of an unprecedented refugee crisis brought on by rising seas and changing crop patterns, mass extinctions, and global food shortages, all of those numbers are shocking. According to the World Health Organization, 250,000 people will die each year from 2030-2050 because of increased rates of malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and heat stress. Climate denial, meanwhile, is now a billion-dollar industry, with energy-funded think tanks, pseudoscience, lobbying, and media campaigns. The energy industry is using the most persuasive, most effective methods to persuade people about global warming. Why isn’t the environmental movement?Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.


Violence Flares as Protesters Defy a Police Ban to March Through Hong Kong's Streets
Posted 6 hours 13 minutes ago

The demonstrations come after a day of brawls between opposing political groups that left 25 hospitalized


Trump's Worst Fear: Iran Attacks U.S. Bases and Aircraft Carriers with Missiles
Posted 6 hours 24 minutes ago

Iran is continuing to develop increasingly long-range ballistic missiles -- and is firing some shorter-range missiles in combat -- despite demands from the U.S. government that the Islamic republic totally give up any weapons that could, in theory, carry a nuclear warhead.


Idle mines portend dark days for top US coal region
Posted 8 hours 45 minutes ago

At two of the world's biggest coal mines, the finances got so bad that their owner couldn't even get toilet paper on credit. Warehouse technician Melissa Worden divvied up what remained, giving four rolls to each mine and two to the mine supply facility where she worked. Then mine owner Blackjewel LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on July 1.


Is Texas, long a Republican stronghold, really in play for the Democrats in 2020?
Posted 8 hours 57 minutes ago

The state has long eluded Democrats, but significant gains in the 2018 midterms and a series of GOP congressional retirements have raised hopes for changeSupporters of Julián Castro gather near the site of the Democratic presidential primary debates on 12 September 2019 in Houston, Texas. Photograph: Eric Gay/APAt a party after the Democratic presidential debate in Houston on Thursday, Texas Democrats reveled in their state’s new status as a “battleground”.There was little effort to conceal their pride in native sons Julián Castro and Beto O’Rourke, who are competing alongside top contenders Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination.Animated post-debate analysis unfolded in Spanish, English and Spanglish, their conversations strained over the pulse of Selena’s Baila Esta Cumbia and Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello singing Señorita. There were women in cowboy boots and men in bolo ties. As if there was any doubt, posters papered the walls: “We’re Texas Democrats, y’all.”The Lone Star State has long eluded Democrats. But significant gains in the 2018 midterms and a series of Republican congressional retirements – a phenomenon Democrats have gleefully branded a “Texodus” – have raised hopes that 2020 will be a year of sweeping political change.“In my 35 years or 40 years of working for the Democratic party, this has never happened in the state of Texas,” Gilberto Hinojosa, chair of the state party, boomed over the music. “Texas is now the biggest battleground state in the country.”> Beto O’ Rourke lost by 200,000 votes. There were 3.5 million voters last year, Latinos, who did not vote> > Tom PerezIt was John Steinbeck who said: “Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word.” More recently, New Yorker writer and Austin resident Lawrence Wright, author of God Save Texas: A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State, wrote: “Texans see themselves as a distillation of the best qualities of America: friendly, confident, hardworking, patriotic, neurosis-free.”Though Texas as a Republican stronghold is fixed in the popular imagination, significant demographic and cultural shifts – a growing Hispanic population and an influx of newcomers to the cities – are loosening the GOP’s grip. Given the importance of the state in the election of president, accounting for 38 electoral votes and 7% of the electoral college in 2016, this has huge national significance.Suddenly, everyone from House speaker Nancy Pelosi to Republican senator Ted Cruz believes Texas is up for grabs. It was O’Rourke’s spirited Senate run last year, against Cruz, that led many here to believe that the political sands may be shifting.“Texas is going to be hotly contested in 2020,” Cruz said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast last week. He was confident that Trump would win, but said the result “will be closer than last time”.Tom Perez, the Democratic National Committee chair, said his organization chose Houston for the third debate because the state is “in play up and down the ballot”. He said there are millions of Latinos eligible to vote in Texas but who sat out in 2018 and could make a difference in 2020.“Beto O’ Rourke lost by 200,000 votes,” he said at a “Cafecito con Politics” event in Houston on Friday. “There were 3.5 million voters last year – Latinos – who did not vote and could have voted.”Texas has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1976. Donald Trump continued the streak in 2016, but by a far slimmer margin than past nominees.Democrats believe Trump’s unpopularity with suburban women and Hispanic voters could accelerate the political upheaval. ‘1,000 new Texans a day’Texas is often portrayed in popular culture as emblematic of the frontier spirt, populated by God-fearing, gun-loving, rock-ribbed conservatives. The reality is more nuanced. As Wright pointed out, “Texans are hardly monolithic. The state is as politically divided as the rest of the nation. One can drive across it and be in two different states at the same time: FM Texas and AM Texas. FM Texas is the silky voice of city dwellers, the kingdom of National Public Radio. It is progressive, reasonable, secular – almost like California. AM Texas speaks to the suburbs and the rural areas: Trumpland.”Since 2010, 3.5 million new residents have moved to the state. Jobs and affordable housing continue to lure young, college-educated workers to Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, said Lila Valencia, a senior demographer at the Texas Demographic Center.These newcomers, many of them diverse and liberal, are reshaping the political landscape in once-reliably conservative suburban districts. In recent weeks, five Texas Republicans have announced their retirement from Congress, including three who won in 2018 by less than 5%.Among them is Will Hurd, the only black Republican in the House, who beat Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones by less than 1% in 2018. Jones is running again. If she wins, and barring any incumbent losses, the entire 2,000-mile US-Mexico border will be represented by Democrats.After flipping two districts in 2018, Democrats are targeting half a dozen Republican seats in 2020. For their part, Republicans will aim to win back both seats next year. > We have magic in the air right now, so much excitement from all communities but especially the Latino community> > Lina Hidalgo“We have magic in the air right now, so much excitement from all communities but especially the Latino community,” Lina Hidalgo, a 28-year-old Colombian immigrant who beat an incumbent Republican for judge in Harris county, said at an event in Houston. During a later panel, Latina ​organizers and activists ​warned that politicians ​cannot sweep into their communities, “say a few words in Spanish” and expect their vote. The outreach must be sincere - and nuanced. As several speakers stressed, the Hispanic electorate in Texas is not a monolith and immigration is not their only priority.“Every cycle ​[pundits] will start to say ‘Latinos are not going to turn out,’” said Michelle Tremillo, the executive director of the Texas Organizing Project. “It’s infuriating because we know that​ if they have a reason to turn out, they will turn out.”Yet demographic changes​ ​– or anger at Trump – will not transform Texas politics, saids Monica Gomez, the political director of Annie’s List, a progressive group dedicated to electing Democratic women in Texas. She said Democrats must invest heavily in voter registration and mobilization efforts to turn out these new, eligible voters. “We’re going to turn out more Texans than ever in 2020,” she said. “We gain 1,000 new Texans a day. By 2022 there will be more people who are Hispanic than white in the state, so we are really seeing trends that are younger and more diverse.”Despite growing political clout in Texas and around the country, many Hispanic voters say Trump’s nativist, anti-immigrant rhetoric makes them feel unsafe.In August, a mass shooting in El Paso left 22 people, many of them Latino, dead. The deadliest attack on Latinos in modern US history, it forced a conversation on immigration, guns and white nationalism. In a Univision Poll released last week, 71% of Texas Latinos said they believed the gunman was a “racist who was influenced by anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican statements made by President Trump”. ‘Keep Texas red’Ahead of the debate, the Texas Democratic party launched an initiative to register 2.6 million new voters, with an emphasis on Hispanics and people under 35. In contrast, Republicans increasingly rely on white, rural voters. The state GOP has duly launched its own effort to “keep Texas red”.In Houston on Thursday, a plane flew above \ the debate venue trailing a banner that read: “Socialism will kill Houston’s economy! Vote Trump 2020!”Amid all the Democratic optimism, some observers say it should be remembered that it has been 25 years since Texas last elected a Democrat to statewide office. And though the state’s electoral votes are a tempting prize, some warn that chasing them will be a waste of time. The party, such critics believe, should focus on winning back traditionally Democratic states in the rust belt, such as Wisconsin and Michigan.In the state itself, Democrats believe the party should absolutely mess with Texas.“Republicans in Texas want us to believe that there was some kind of ‘Beto miracle’ in 2018, that it was a one-time thing and that Democrats are never going to get that close again,” said Tara Pohlmeyer of the liberal advocacy group Progress Texas.“But from everything we’re seeing on the ground it’s clear his campaign was not an outlier. It was just the beginning.”


Saddam Hussein Thought He Knew How to Sink U.S. Battleships
Posted 9 hours 57 minutes ago

Could it have worked?


Yes, the Navy Should Build Non-Nuclear Stealth Submarines
Posted 11 hours 57 minutes ago

They are cheaper and just as deadly.


W.African leaders agree billion-dollar anti-jihadist plan
Posted 18 hours 23 minutes ago

West African leaders on Saturday announced a billion-dollar plan to fight the rising problem of jihadist violence in the region, at a summit in Burkina Faso. The plan, to be funded from 2020 to 2024, was announced at end of the Economic Community Summit of West African States in Ouagadougou, where the ECOWAS nations were joined by Mauritania and Chad. ECOWAS had decided to mobilise "the financial resources of up to a billion dollars for the fight against terrorism", said Niger's President Mahamadou Issoufou.


French group to open two hotels in Damascus as airstrikes kill civilians
Posted 19 hours 40 minutes ago

Louvre Hotels Group, owned by China's Jin Jiang, has signed an agreement to open two hotels under its own name in Damascus, it said on Saturday, a day after the UN announced an internal investigation into the bombing of hospitals in Syria. The confirmation of the two hotels opening, after recent media reports, also came as at least six civilians were killed by the Syrian regime and Russian fire in northwestern Idlib province in the past days, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham alliance led by Al-Qaeda's former Syria affiliate controls most of Idlib as well as parts of neighbouring Aleppo and Latakia provinces.


Judge rules Confederate statues will remain in Charlottesville despite deadly white nationalist rally
Posted 20 hours 29 minutes ago

A pair Confederate statues will remain standing in the city of Virginian city Charlottesville where clashes over their removal left a young woman dead.After city officials decided to remove statues of Confederate American Civil War generals Robert E Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, one resident filed a lawsuit to prevent this.


Jeered over attacks, S.Africa's president apologises at Mugabe funeral
Posted 23 hours 11 minutes ago

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa was jeered and whistled at on Saturday during his speech at Zimbabwe ex-leader Robert Mugabe's funeral before he apologised for recent xenophobic attacks. At least 12 people have been killed this month in a surge in violence and mob attacks against foreign-owned businesses in and around Johannesburg, South Africa's largest city. A wave of jeers, boos and whistles interrupted Ramaphosa at the Harare national stadium as he started his eulogy at the state funeral for Mugabe, who died age 95 last week.


NY finds $1B in hidden transfers by family behind OxyContin
Posted 23 hours 37 minutes ago

The family that owns OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma used Swiss and other hidden accounts to transfer $1 billion to themselves, New York's attorney general contends in court papers filed Friday. New York — asking a judge to enforce subpoenas of companies, banks and advisers to Purdue and its owners, the Sackler family — said it has uncovered the previously unknown wire transfers among family members, entities they control and several financial institutions. The transfers bolster allegations by New York and other states that the Sacklers worked to shield their wealth in recent years because of mounting worries about legal threats.


'We heard gasps of astonishment': Baby born at 9.11am on 9/11, weighing 9lbs 11oz
Posted 1 day 1 hour 1 minute ago

Hospital staff in the US say a baby was born on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks at 9:11pm, weighing 9lb 11oz.The mother described her baby Christina, who arrived on September 11, as a “little miracle”.


India sets up fund to complete stalled housing projects
Posted 1 day 3 hours 24 minutes ago

India on Saturday announced a series of measures to revive the housing sector and boost exports as the government tries to kick-start an economy hit by a lending crisis and a slowdown in demand. A fund worth 100 billion rupees ($1.41 billion) will be available to complete unfinished affordable and middle income housing projects, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said. An equal amount of funding will come from the private sector or from a government insurance company, she added.


Turkey orders arrest of 223 military personnel over suspected Gulen links: state media
Posted 1 day 7 hours 7 minutes ago

Turkey has ordered the arrest of 223 serving military personnel across the country and in the breakaway state of Northern Cyprus over suspected links to a network Ankara accuses of organizing an attempted coup in 2016, state media said on Saturday. Authorities are seeking the suspects across 49 provinces in Turkey and in Northern Cyprus, state broadcaster TRT Haber said.


Second British-Australian woman jailed in Iran identified as Middle East researcher Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert
Posted 1 day 9 hours 1 minute ago

A British-Australian woman who has been sentenced to 10 years in a notorious Iranian prison has been identified as Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert, a Cambridge-educated academic specialising in Middle Eastern politics.  Dr Moore-Gilbert, who was working as a lecturer and researcher for Melbourne University's Asia Institute and has published work on authoritarian governance and activism in the Middle East, was jailed in October 2018. However, her detention had not been reported in case it harmed the prospects of her release.  On Saturday, the Australian government confirmed Dr Moore-Gilbert was being held in prison in Iran. A statement from the family of Dr Moore-Gilbert, who is incarcerated in Evin prison, said they were in close contact with Australian authorities on the matter.  "Our family thanks the Government and the University of Melbourne for their ongoing support at this distressing and sensitive time. "We believe that the best chance of securing Kylie's safe return is through diplomatic channels." It is not known what Dr Moore-Gilbert was charged with, but 10-year terms are routinely given in Iran for spying. She is one of two British-Australian women whose detentions in Iran have come to light in the past week. Jolie King with her partner Mark Firkin Jolie King, a travel blogger, and her Australian fiancé Mark Firkin were arrested near a military site in Jajrood near Tehran on August 9, it was revealed on Thursday. They had reportedly been using a drone to film aerial footage in the area.  They too have been sent to Evin prison, the main detention centre for Iran's political prisoners, which also houses 41-year-old Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian mother of one who is midway through a five-year sentence on spying charges. Tehran has pursued a campaign of detaining Iranian and dual nationality academics in recent years, raising fears the Islamic Republic is using them as diplomatic leverage. The Australian government has said it is lobbying Tehran to ensure all three are appropriately looked after. Iran is believed to be holding the trio captive in the hope of exchanging one of them for an Iranian imprisoned in the US on charges of evading American sanctions. Tensions between Britain and Iran escalated dramatically after it emerged the women were being held in the first recent case of Tehran arresting British citizens who do not also hold Iranian nationality.  Sources said Tehran sees the women as bargaining chips to secure the release of Negar Ghodskani, a 40-year-old Iranian woman facing jail in the US after pleading guilty to a conspiracy to export prohibited technology to Iran.  Ghodskani was arrested in Australia in 2017 at the request of US government and gave birth to a baby boy while in custody in Adelaide. She was extradited to the US and now faces five years in federal prison.   Negar Ghodskani Credit: AP While Iran has not commented publicly on any of the arrests, in April the country's foreign minister, Javad Zarif, proposed swapping Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe for Ms Ghodskani.   According to the University of Melbourne's website, Dr Moore-Gilbert "specialises in Middle Eastern politics, with a particular focus on the Arab Gulf states," and has published work on the 2011 Arab uprisings, authoritarian governance, and on the role of new media technologies in political activism. In 2018 she was awarded a grant to investigate "Iran’s relationship with Bahrain’s Shi’a after the Arab Uprisings". Dr Moore-Gilbert's LinkedIn profile shows her first degree came in Middle Eastern Studies at Cambridge, where she also completed her Master of Arts. Australia's Foreign Minister Marise Payne said she has raised the cases of the three prisoners "many times" with Mr Zarif, and denied the arrests were politically motivated. "We have no reason to think that these arrests are connected to international concern over Iran's nuclear programme, United Nations sanction enforcement or maritime security concerning the safety of civilian shipping," Senator Payne said. What appears to be the Iranian oil tanker Adrian Darya 1 off the coast of Tartus, Syria, Credit: Reuters News of the three prisoners has come amid a downturn in relations between Britain and Iran, sparked by issues including the Royal Marines' seizure near Gibraltar in July of an Iranian oil tanker, the Grace I. Iran responded by seizing British-flagged oil tanker the Stena Impero. While Britain released the Iranian tanker, the Stena Impero is still being held.  Australia also said in July that it would join the US and the UK in protecting shipping in the Strait of Hormuz from Iranian threats. Relations between Tehran and the West, especially the United States, have deteriorated significantly since the Trump administration withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions, prompting Iran to ramp up restricted enrichment.


John Bolton gets back into political game after leaving White House
Posted 1 day 10 hours 18 minutes ago

The former national security adviser had disagreements with President Donald Trump leading up to his departure. He is throwing $50,000 at five Republican incumbents


Video shows a Model 3 automatically apply the brakes to avoid hitting a cop who ran a red light
Posted 1 day 10 hours 50 minutes ago

Tesla's automated emergency braking (AEB) system, which was first introduced in 2017, has improved markedly in a relatively short amount of time. Just a few weeks ago, for example, Tesla demonstrated its next-gen AEB system which can more ably apply the brakes when a pedestrian or cyclist is detected. With that said, we recently stumbled across a new video which shows a Tesla Model 3 abruptly hit the brakes when a police officer on a motorcycle runs a red light and turns left into oncoming traffic. The officer was presumably chasing someone but his sirens were off at the time. As you can see in the video below, the Model 3 owner begins to accelerate at a green light and doesn't see the police officer swooping in from the right-hand side. Luckily, the Model 3 detected the officer and swiftly applied the brakes. Describing the incident, the Model 3 owner posted the following on his YouTube channel. > Happened this morning; I was rolling about my way when the light turns green, and out of nowhere a cop without their audio on for their sirens runs a red light. If not for Tesla's emergency stop safety features this would not have been a good day. Thank you Tesla and ElonMusk for making the Model3 the safest car ever or I might've scarred myself for life with a horrible accident.Another angle of the incident can be seen below. Of course, this is hardly the first time we've seen a Tesla take evasive action and avoid a potentially serious collision. In the video below, a Tesla that was rear ended quickly swerves to the left to avoid the car directly ahead.


Could Iran's Old F-5s Take Down the Mighty F-35 Stealth Fighter?
Posted 1 day 11 hours 57 minutes ago

Top of the line or down in the dirt?


Kamala Harris laughs when Biden tells her she can't ban guns with an executive order
Posted 1 day 12 hours 25 minutes ago

Dan Bongino wraps up a wild week in news with News Explosion on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'


Catholic priest jailed for abusing altar boy 27 years after fleeing to Morocco
Posted 1 day 15 hours 22 minutes ago

A former Roman Catholic priest who fled to Morocco after it was discovered he had sexually abused a child in the US has been sentenced to 30 years in prison almost three decades on from his crime.Former Air Force chaplain and colonel Arthur Perrault was found guilty of sexually abusing an altar boy in New Mexico in the early 1990s.


Exclusive: New documents reveal impact of US sanctions on Iran
Posted 1 day 15 hours 37 minutes ago

Internal documents show the crippling effects of sanctions designed to get Iran to make concessions with its nuclear program; State Department correspondent Rich Edson reports.


Another storm is threatening to hit the Bahamas and Florida with tropical storm-force winds and heavy rain
Posted 1 day 15 hours 53 minutes ago

A tropical cyclone is headed for the Bahamas and Florida, tracing a similar pattern that Hurricane Dorian just took.


MIT Students and Alumni Call for President L. Rafael Reif to Step Down Over Epstein
Posted 1 day 16 hours 18 minutes ago

Brian Snyder/ReutersWith any hope of plausible deniability over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal dissolving, MIT President L. Rafael Reif is facing down his own illustrious institution and alumni as current and former students call for him to step down. In a statement Thursday, Reif revealed that senior MIT administration members knew that the Media Lab had accepted money from Epstein’s foundation as recently as 2017. Reif also disclosed that MIT’s own investigation surfaced a 2012 thank-you letter to Epstein bearing Reif’s own signature. The note thanked Epstein for a gift to MIT Physics Professor Seth Lloyd. In his statement, Reif described the gift as the first—“as far as we know now”—that MIT accepted following the billionaire pedophile’s 2008 conviction for procurement of minors for prostitution. “Although I do not recall it, it does bear my signature,” Reif wrote.Calls for the MIT president’s resignation bubbled up less than 24 hours after Reif came clean about the administration’s involvement with Epstein.In an MIT women’s alumni Facebook group, former students expressed outrage at the news, asking the group’s administrators where they should direct their demands for Reif’s resignation. The group’s administrators directed the members to write to MIT Corporation, the research university’s board of trustees. On Friday afternoon, current students and alumni held a protest event called “They Knew: Speak-out against MIT-Epstein Scandal.” At the time of writing, almost 100 people had RSVP’d to the event, held at MIT’s Stratton Student Center. “Accepting money linked to Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t just disgusting and immoral,” the group’s organizers wrote. “It violated MIT’s own donor policies. Any senior administrators who knew about these donations MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY.”The event’s speakers included MIT alum and Cambridge City Council member Quinton Zondervan and MIT Media Lab Research Assistant Arwa Michelle Mboya.Another speaker calling for Reif’s resignation drew a surprising comparison, likening the venerated research university’s enlightened public image—versus its shady behind-the-scenes dealings—to the NFL. Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.


Another tropical storm is developing in the Atlantic. Here's when it could hit Florida
Posted 1 day 16 hours 33 minutes ago

The system headed toward Florida, now "Tropical Depression Nine," will almost certainly become Tropical Storm Humberto within next 24 hours


AG Barr has received draft report on FISA abuse allegations
Posted 1 day 16 hours 52 minutes ago

DOJ Inspector General Horowitz sent draft report to attorney general to review; Catherine Herridge reports.


Tomi Lahren: We Need Guns to ‘Defend Ourselves’ From Immigrants
Posted 1 day 17 hours 10 minutes ago

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren declared on Friday that Americans need guns in order to potentially fight off unlimited immigrants coming into the United States, adding that citizens need the ability to “defend ourselves” because “we don’t know” who is coming into the country.Appearing on Fox Business Network’s Varney and Co., the conservative firebrand reacted to Democrats’ calls for stricter gun control in the wake of several mass shootings. Specifically, she took issue with Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke’s call for mandatory buybacks of assault-style weapons like the AR-15 and AK-47.“I would also remind those that might not have a use for a gun or don’t feel they have a use for a gun, many Americans do,” Lahren told Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney. “Many Americans don’t live in the suburbs, who are far away from where police can respond, and so that’s why that self-defense is so important.”And then she brought the threat of “open borders” immigration into the mix.“And all the things the Democrats want to put in place—my goodness, if they want to open our borders, you better be sure the people in Texas, the people in South Dakota, the people in the middle of this country, we are going to be armed and ready,” she exclaimed. “Because we have to have a means to defend ourselves from—who knows who’s coming in? That’s the thing, we don’t know, and we have to be able to protect ourselves.”The right-wing provocateur’s insistence that guns are needed to stave off migrants heading into the U.S. comes barely a month after the El Paso mass shooting that left 22 dead. The suspected shooter admitted that he was targeting “Mexicans” and apparently posted a racist manifesto in which he decried the “Hispanic invasion” of America.This also isn’t the first time that Lahren has fear-mongered over supposed “open borders” immigration. Earlier this year, she devoted a monologue to warning Fox viewers that an extremely high border wall was needed because immigrants are “shifty and adaptable.”After her remarks faced intense backlash that included Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro personally calling her out, Lahren took to Twitter to "apologize" for how her comments "came out."“Not what I meant & I apologize for the way it came out. I simply mean without a secure border we don’t know who is coming into our nation & those who wish to do us harm will exploit it,” she wrote Friday afternoon. “I’m NOT advocating for violence against any person, regardless of race or immigration status.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.


Democratic senators seek to block Trump administration end-run on ICE funding
Posted 1 day 17 hours 24 minutes ago

A group of Senate Democrats are seeking to prevent the Trump administration from unilaterally moving appropriations around to fund immigration detention and border enforcement operations.


The Latest: Huffman says she accepts college scam punishment
Posted 1 day 17 hours 47 minutes ago

"Desperate Housewives" star Felicity Huffman says she takes full responsibility for her role in the college admissions scandal and deserves her punishment. A federal judge in Boston sentenced the actress on Friday to 14 days in prison, a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and a year's probation. Huffman was stoic in court, telling U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani she "betrayed" her daughters and her actor husband, William H. Macy.


Israel's F-35s Are the Uncontested Kings of the Middle East's Skies
Posted 1 day 17 hours 57 minutes ago

Israel's enemies can't even see them coming.


'Difficult to see' if Iran breached Syria oil sale agreement, Gibraltar chief minister says
Posted 1 day 18 hours 11 minutes ago

Gibraltar’s leader attempted to deescalate the crisis with Iran over the fate of an oil tanker on Friday, saying it was “difficult to see” whether Tehran breached an agreement not to sell its oil to Syria. Iran made assurances to a court in Gibraltar that it would not deliver the seized supertanker’s two million barrels of crude oil to the Syrian regime in order to secure its release. After it was freed on Aug 18, the renamed Adrian Darya 1 sailed around the eastern Mediterranean for over a week before heading towards the Syrian coast and turning off its transponder on Sept 2.  Iran claims it sold the oil to an unnamed private company. Maritime trackers say it is likely the Adrian Darya 1's contents were off-loaded to Syria through smaller vessels. Britain and the US have said such a move is in violation of European Union and US sanctions and breaches the agreement. Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar’s chief minister, however, said on Friday that “it is difficult to see whose word you’d take for it”.   The British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero is still being held by Iran Credit: Morteza Akhoondi/Tasnim News Agency via AP “You can see from the images that the oil has ended up in Syria but that’s not to say that there’s a breach of the undertaking [by Iran],” Mr Picardo said. “We did not have an undertaking that the oil would not end up in Syria. We had an undertaking from the Iranian government that they would not sell the oil to any EU sanctioned entity,” he said. British commandos on July 4 seized the vessel, then called the Grace 1, on suspicion that it was en route to Syria in breach of EU sanctions. Officials claim Iran gave as many as five separate undertakings that it would not proceed with its original sales plan. Iran’s envoy to the UK, who was summoned by the British foreign ministry over the matter, on Wednesday said Adrian Darya 1’s oil cargo was sold at sea to a third party, denying Tehran had broken assurances it gave. He also said the private buyer of the oil “sets the sale destination”.  "It is now clear that Iran has breached these assurances and that the oil has been transferred to Syria and Assad’s murderous regime,” a Foreign Office statement said. “Iran’s actions represent an unacceptable violation of international norms and the UK will raise the issue at the United Nations later this month.” The development came amid heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf. EU diplomats warned yesterday that Britain's decision to join a US-led naval mission in the Gulf has delayed European efforts to set up a maritime force to ensure safe shipping in the Strait of Hormuz separate from American patrols. British-Australian citizen Jolie King and her boyfriend Mark Firkin are currently detained in Iran Credit: Instagram Britain and France proposed a European-led maritime force in July that was to be independent of the United States. They won support from Denmark, Italy and Spain, who were wary of an American mission for fear of making US-Iranian strains worse. The proposal was announced after Iran seized a British-flagged tanker in the Strait, in what was then widely seen as retaliation for the seizure of an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar by British marines. The British-flagged Stena Impero is still being held by Iran, although Tehran has signalled it could release it soon.  Relations between the UK and Iran have worsened in recent days amid the news two dual British-Australian nationals have been arrested in Iran. Jolie King, a dual citizen, and her Australian boyfriend Mark Firkin, were travelling from western Australia to London through Iran when they were arrested for reportedly flying a drone. A third detainee, a former Cambridge-educated academic, has not been named.  Miss King is being held in the same ward of Evin prison as Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a charity worker charged with espionage. Richard Ratcliffe, husband of Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe, told the Telegraph: “She has been there for a few weeks. She came in from solitary very scared. As that is a very traumatic experience.  “She’s gradually learning to trust the others. Nazanin told her family that she has a very good sense of humour.”


Every top Democrat can beat Trump. Their unique strategies will determine who gets that shot
Posted 1 day 18 hours 14 minutes ago

Each of the five leading 2020 Democratic candidates can beat the president in a general election, according to the latest national match-up polls. But first, they will need to secure the party’s nomination in a hotly contested primary season that started with more than two dozen hopefuls. They're each using very different tactics to do so.Those five candidates — Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg — joined each other on Thursday night for the third Democratic debates, along with five additional candidates currently polling beneath them: Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro.


Court revives suit alleging Fox News inflicted 'emotional torture' on Seth Rich family
Posted 1 day 18 hours 24 minutes ago

A federal appeals court on Friday revived a lawsuit against Fox News brought by the parents of slain Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, concluding there are plausible claims that the network was party to a “campaign of emotional torture.”


Venezuela investigates Guaido over photo with suspected Colombian criminals
Posted 1 day 18 hours 28 minutes ago

Venezuela's state prosecutor's office said on Friday it would open an investigation into Juan Guaido after the interior minister presented photos on state television showing the opposition leader in the company of two suspected members of a Colombian drug-trafficking group. Guaido on Friday said the two men had asked to take a photo with him when he secretly crossed into Colombia from Venezuela in February via an informal border route after a Venezuelan court had barred him from leaving the country. "We didn't ask for their criminal record to take a photo," he told reporters in Caracas.


US officials warn of danger of feral hogs heading across the border from Canada
Posted 1 day 18 hours 43 minutes ago

US officials have warned that feral hogs heading across the border from Canada may pose a danger to the local environment. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that sightings of the feral animals on the US-Canadian border have increased in recent years.  At least eight of the wild animals have been sighted just north of Lincoln County, Montana, this summer, officials said.  Several agencies, including Wildlife Services, the Montana Invasive Species Council, the National Feral Swine Program and the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department fear the wild pigs could cause significant damage to the landscape. Officials warned the animals can often be aggressive, breed rapidly, and difficult to catch.  The feral pigs pose a risk to the local agriculture industries as they often destroy farm land and crops as they root for food. They also have the potential to spread diseases to domestic livestock, although no disease has been detected in the team in Canada. Female hogs typically have more than a dozen piglets in each litter and full grown hogs can weigh anywhere between 120lb to 400lbs.  Dale Nolte, from the USDA’s National Feral Swine Program, described the prospect as “a disaster”. “Multiple people say that if we were to design an invasive species that would do the most widespread damage, feral swine aren’t too far off from being the perfect specimen,” he told local newspaper Daily Inter Lake.      Ryan Brook, an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan, blamed the southern migration of the feral pigs on poor monitoring systems in the province, which are allowing numbers - and the spread of the animals - to grow unchecked.  “Saskatchewan is a very high functioning pig factory and the populations are exploding with very minimal efforts to control them,” he told the Daily Inter Lake. “Lack of serious action in Saskatchewan is the single greatest threat to Montana.” Legit question for rural Americans - How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?— Willie McNabb (@WillieMcNabb) August 4, 2019 The warning of a potential hog invasion prompted amusement on social media, with users highlighting a viral tweet last month by a man arguing assault weapons were necessary to manage the feral populations. “How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?” he asked on Twitter, prompting widespread mockery at the time.


NJ mayor says he was asked whether he met with terrorists upon return from Turkey
Posted 1 day 18 hours 50 minutes ago

Mohamed Khairullah, the longtime mayor of Prospect Park, New Jersey, was questioned at JFK Airport, and his phone was seized and held for 12 days.


What were those protesters saying? Joe Biden's final answer interrupted during debate
Posted 1 day 18 hours 51 minutes ago

Protesters crashed the final minutes of Thursday night's debate in Houston, though people on Twitter had a tough time understanding what was said.


Church sex abuse 'far-reaching' in Missouri: attorney general
Posted 1 day 18 hours 55 minutes ago

The attorney general in the US state of Missouri on Friday accused the Catholic Church of turning a blind eye to church sex abuse and referred a dozen former clergymen for criminal prosecution. "Sexual abuse of minors by members of Missouri's four Roman Catholic dioceses has been a far-reaching and sustained scandal," said the Midwestern state's top prosecutor, Eric Schmitt, after a year-long investigation. "For decades, faced with credible reports of abuse, the church refused to acknowledge the victims and instead focused their efforts on protecting priests," Schmitt told a news conference.


2020 Vision: A burning AOC offers a scary preview of next year's attack ads
Posted 1 day 19 hours 44 minutes ago

In a likely preview of Republican messaging for the 2020 election, an ad from a GOP PAC that aired during Thursday night’s Democratic debate showed a photograph of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her face engulfed in flames.


Democrats criticise Julian Castro's 'low blow' in questioning Joe Biden's memory
Posted 1 day 20 hours 46 minutes ago

Julian Castro, the Democratic presidential hopeful, was facing a backlash on Thursday night after calling into question his rival Joe Biden’s memory during a debate. Mr Castro, the former housing and urban development secretary, repeatedly accused Mr Biden of forgetting details of his healthcare plan in a heated exchange on stage. The comments forced the spotlight onto the age of the former US vice president. Mr Biden would be 78 on day one in the White House if he wins the contest - the oldest person ever elected to the US presidency. Mr Biden’s campaign released a fundraising email on Friday accusing Mr Castro of pulling off a “cheap shot” and a “low blow”.  A number of other candidates seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination for the 2020 election also criticised Mr Castro’s remarks, saying they were “not cool” and “not right”. Mr Biden also endured criticism over claiming credit for the achievements of Barack Obama, the former president whom he deputised for eight years, with Mr Castro claiming he was the one really carrying on Mr Obama’s legacy. The clash over memory between the two men was one of the standout moments of the third Democratic debate in Houston, Texas, which saw the leading 10 candidates square off for the first time. Here’s video of that Castro-Biden clash over health care — with Castro repeatedly saying “are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?” Already heard from several Dems who called it an ugly + disrespectful exchange.— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) September 13, 2019 Mr Biden, the clear front-runner, has faced questions about whether his age would affect his ability to carry out the job of president after a string of recent verbal slip-ups. At one point on Thursday evening Mr Castro challenged Mr Biden over his healthcare plan. He said Mr Biden’s proposal would not automatically enroll people who were uninsured, unlike his plan. When Mr Biden denied that, Mr Castro said: “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?" He went on: “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? I can't believe that you said - two minutes ago - that they had to buy in and now you're forgetting that.” It was not their only fiery exchange. At another point Mr Castro, who is three decades younger than Mr Biden, claimed he was carrying the flame of the Obama administration, which he also served in. “I am fulfilling the legacy of Barack Obama and you are not,” Mr Castro told Mr Biden. The latter shot back: "That will be a surprise to him." The debate saw the 10 leading candidates go head-to-head Credit: REUTERS/Mike Blake After the debate, other candidates who were on stage questioned the tone of the attacks, especially over Mr Biden’s memory. Republicans have questioned the former vice president’s age and suitability for office. Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesota senator, said Mr Castro’s attack was "not cool” and "so personal and so unnecessary”. She said: “It feels like something that Donald Trump might tweet." Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator, said it was “not right” to go after Mr Biden personally. Beto O’Rourke, the former Texas congressman, also criticised the “personal attack”. Mr Castro denied he had been too personal. “I wouldn’t do it differently,“ he told CNN after the debate. “That was not a personal attack, this was about a disagreement over what the vice president said regarding healthcare policy."


Former Trump national security adviser Bolton resumes political activities
Posted 1 day 21 hours 6 minutes ago

Former White House national security adviser John Bolton, who parted ways this week with President Donald Trump, resumed his old job on Friday as head of two political action committees and announced $50,000 in contributions to Republican candidates. Bolton retook the reins of the John Bolton PAC and the John Bolton Super Pact, two groups he had headed before joining the White House 17 months ago. Bolton left the White House earlier this week amid simmering differences with Trump on issues such as the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.


A man was charged with fraudulently earning more than 42 million frequent-flyer miles worth $1.75 million
Posted 1 day 21 hours 17 minutes ago

Prosecutors say the Delta SkyBonus miles that the man fraudulently earned and redeemed were worth $1.75 million.


In a sign of what’s to come, Trump trolls Democrats as they debate
Posted 1 day 22 hours 13 minutes ago

An airplane above Thursday’s Democratic debate venue trailed a banner: “Socialism will kill Houston’s economy! Vote Trump 2020.” The plane was hired by the Trump campaign in a likely preview of how the president will treat his opponent: as a dangerous leftist.


In era of legal pot, can police search cars based on odor?
Posted 1 day 22 hours 20 minutes ago

Sniff and search is no longer the default for police in some of the 33 states that have legalized marijuana. Traditionally, an officer could use the merest whiff of weed to justify a warrantless vehicle search, and whatever turned up — pot, other kinds of illegal drugs, something else the motorist wasn't allowed to have — could be used as evidence in court. The result is that, in some states, a police officer who sniffs out pot isn't necessarily allowed to go through someone's automobile — because the odor by itself is no longer considered evidence of a crime.


Biden sparks outrage after suggesting black people don't know how to raise children: 'Put the record player on at night'
Posted 1 day 23 hours 2 minutes ago

Taking several turns and going down multiple tangents, Joe Biden could not seem to answer a simple question about the legacy of slavery during the third Democratic debates.The former vice president mentioned record players, discussed education and talked about bringing social workers into homes in low-income communities when debate moderator Linsey Davis asked him: “What responsibility do you think that Americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country?”


Beto O'Rourke reports Texas lawmaker to FBI over AR tweet 'death threat'
Posted 1 day 23 hours 56 minutes ago

Briscoe Cain, a Republican serving in the Texas House of Representatives, responded to O’Rourke’s call for a ban on assault weapons during Thursday’s Democratic debate with a tweet that read: “My AR is ready for you Robert Francis.”

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