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Lesson 8: Common English Usage (Part 4)
by Sayar Y
Lesson 8: Common English Usage (Part 4).  In this English lesson, Sayar Y continues to explain the usage of "such... that". If you can master the usage of "such... that", you will be able to create beautiful english sentences.

Sohrab said:

loufei 有中文版 不過是繁體字的 沒看到簡體字版的 freeleaf 對啊 我買的書是第一版 已經覺得封面不好看了 想不到再版的封面更醜 好像是什麼 人魔 之類的書籍 當然 我更不喜歡中文版加的副標 我覺得那會扭曲書籍的原意 並且是刻意搭反恐戰爭的順風車

sxsdxa said:

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vujzjr said:

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aymocacbm said:

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Kathia said:

It is and it isn't. When you look at the roots of Christianity, you come to understand that many of the ritluas and observations that are mostly prominent in Christianity had their roots in Pagan ritluas and religion.Early pagans looked upon the stars for everything, from divination to pinpointing their location in any place their were to what time of the day it was.At around the time when Christianity was brand new, a lot of pagans rejected it because there was no way only 1 being could have created everything when pagans give thanks to many things that in conjunction make everything.In order to convert Pagans to Christianity, the church chose to either outlaw many of the pagan ritluas and chose to also spin some ritluas into something that Pagans could still do, under Christian supervision.One example is the Christmas Tree. Originally a German Saxon ritual of fertility, where people would dance around the tree, now converted into something that is associated with the birth of Jesus (hence the name Christ-mas Tree)Divination using the stars or Astrology (Horoscopes) were something that was never widely accepted by Christians because it went against the 1 god that had already determined the path in life that you ought to take. When in reality, every human being with a brain is able to chose her/her own path based on their actions and choices. Something also very much against the Christian religion because of their need for mindless sheep to believe blindly and follow.

Aye said:

Thank you very much, saya. Now I knew how to use "such".

student said:

kyay zu byar :)

Deena said:

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thae said:

Thanks saya for explaining clearly.

San said:

I feel greatul to study your lessons.


THS said:

Thank you very much Sayar Y. I have never studied such interesting and useful lessons before.

student said:

Thank you very much for such interesting and useful lessons.

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