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Lesson 5: Common English Usage (Part 2)
by Sayar Y
Lesson 5: Common English Usage (Part 2). In this English lesson, Sayar Y continues to explain the usage of abbreviations. He also highlights the difference between UK pronunciation and US pronunciation.

Muhammad said:

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrintig! [url=]lgpdqxymi[/url] [link=]kjkpypepi[/link]

Tasnia said:

You've really <a href="">impssreed</a> me with that answer!

Cristiane said:

പ ത ത ക ഡ പ രവ ത ത ക ക ന നത "കണ ട വ ശ വസ ക ക " സഹ യ ക ക ന ന ഒര വ ബ സ റ റ . 1. ന ങ ങ ക ക ഏത പ ത ത ക ഡ ന റ പ രവ ത തനമ ണ ക ണ ണ ടത , അത അവ ട എഴ ത ക (അവ ട സ വതവ തന ന ഉള ള ക ഡ അത പട ഇട ട ല മത .).2."Visualize execution" എന ന ബട ട അമ ത ത ക. അട ത ത പ ജ വര ക റച ച ന ര ക ത ത ര ക ക ക.3. വര ന ന പ ജ ല "forward", "back" എന ന ബട ടണ ക അമ ത ത , പ ര ഗ ര മ ല ഓര വര യ ല എന ത ണ സ ഭവ ക ക ന നത ന ന ക ണ ക. -- ഫ ല പ പ [url=]ptmreop[/url] [link=]vvdkdo[/link]

Sandu said:

We need a lot more <a href="">instghis</a> like this!

Ayumi said:

That's the thikinng of a creative mind

ann jaye said:

thank you so much..

Thet said:

At first, Sayar supposed to explain "set sth off" and "set sb off" properly. It doesn't appear until the lesson has finished.

Smile said:

Very useful for me...


San Kyaw said:

This lesson is very simple & useful.
We are always waiting 4 ur lession.

bryan said:

thank you.I like this lesson.

ei thinzar said:

thank you! i like this lesson!

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