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Lesson 4: Useful List of Words
by Sayar Yan Naing Bo
Lesson 4: Useful List of Words. In this English lesson, Sayar Yan Naing Bo points out the importance of summarizing english pharses and words. He also lists out the useful words that can be used in everyday conversation.

Amory said:

You know what, I'm very much incelind to agree.

Myint Myint San said:

Thanks a lot for your Lesson

aung myo khaing said:

pls send to me

Park Ji Eun said:

naega dan-eoleul neomu dansun saeng-gaghabnida. dangsin-eun eotteon dan-eo isang-i eolyeowo issseubnikka? geuleohdamyeon, gesihasigi balabnida.

SNSD yoona said:

I think the words are so easy! You can ask grade-2 students and they can answer all correctly! Do you have anything more advance then these?! 좀 더 어렵게 한 줄까요? 감사합니다.

tun1 said:

thanks a lot

kukulay said:

:) good

su said:

thanks for your support

NND said:

Great! Notable words!

Su Mon said:

good idea

mi ko said:

thank you!!!!!!!!


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