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Lesson 36: Effective English Speaking Pattern 6
by Nay Nanda Minn (Lashio)
Lesson 36: Effective English Speaking Pattern 6. In this lesson, Sayar Nay discusses the very common English usage of "Are you into + Noun?" If you want to ask someone about an interest he or she has, you can use this pattern. It

Ange said:

I choose one sentence => Are you into debating?

Hi Friend, Into is nearly the same as Interested and have you ever been heard a song "I'm Into You" sang Jennifer Lopez. Just like that! Thanks anyway

thuyein said:

i am into shweroom's english class.

ksm said:

I am into English Speaking.

Thin said:


Awaylay said:

I am into
Thank you so much.

Myat Thu said:

Dear Sir,
There is one I can't clearly understand. I'd studied that pattern " Sub + V to be+ preposition(In,On,At,Into and etc..) + N ". For example..... " I'm into the car" but it doesn't mean "Interested" . I'd known that show "Place" . So,Sir How can I know "Place" and "Interested"?
If my sentence is incorrect, sorry sir.

banyar said:


Naynandaminn.Lashio said:

Yes, they are. You can use either this pattern or "Are you interested in......?"
for asking a question about an interest. By learning this kind of phrases and patterns, you can have richer ways of expressing yourself. Enjoy learning.

Khaing Thazin Soe said:

Why don't u use the word " Interested" instead of "Into" ? Is they same?

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