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Lesson 34: Effective English Speaking Pattern 4
by Nay Nanda Minn (Lashio)
Lesson 34: Effective English Speaking Pattern 4. In this lesson, Sayar Nay explains about the usage of "You

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Aye Aye Myint said:

I fond of this lesson .

Ardaturan said:

I have studied at PS enligsh for 2 years. I can assure everybody that this school is great and the best in London.What I was impressed with is the monitoring way conducted by the principle, Peter. The principle always asks a feedbacks from teachers after each lesson, and also periodically contacts students. Even minor problems are solved soon, and it isa great benefit for students. I think it's a pity for teachers because they cannot be lazy at anytime!!I'm sure that the price of PS English is very competitive in London area. I wish I started the same business model in Japan if I get an acceptance from Peter!

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