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Lesson 33: English Clauses - Noun Clause
by Nay Nanda Minn (Lashio)
Lesson 33: English Clauses - Noun Clause. This post is about Noun Clause which is one of the essential english clauses. Sayar Nay lists down 6 major points to make Noun Clause easy for you to learn. He also provides so many examples for each and every points. Sayar will continue writing about other clauses in next posts.

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Stargirl said:

I agree those who have not experienced such sotnucafifg and demeaning relationships will never understand. This is true of all the relationships whether it be mother-daughter,sister-sister or anything.And feels worse in husband-wife relationship because that is one relationship that is chosen and not by birth and expectations are greater in that relationship. I have met people who seem very nice from outside but in fact can never understand relationships and are control freaks. These can come from poor sections of society or high functioning individuals who may be in high profile jobs or running their own businesses, Such relationships may be more common in our Indian scenario because of our culture and upbringing where once married lifetime married is the norm. I wonder when will Indian men grow up and indian women understand their rights . I don't know the statistics but I feel that most of the men are married not because they deserve it but because our society enables them to be married through arranged marriages and girls are subdued right from the childhood, so they seldom understand their own rights within the relationship. [url=]sfiyxcz[/url] [link=]wikuqhziq[/link]

Danielito said:

hi all,it was nice to go through your<a href=""> iputns</a>. most of us Indians do not include these subtle mental torture in the domestic violence category. To my mind any remark that pricks one's self respect amounts to mental torture. It is generally a spouse who is insecure and/ or realizes their own inadequacy who tries to cover it up by resorting to sadistic behavior. I' ve seen it in women too. The problem is that the very person would appear so considerate and concerned that the partner at the receiving end either accepts that it was partly his/her fault or accepts such erratic behavior as part of the partners nature and tries to analyze the seemingly good side of his/her personality. Society including parents also does its bit by refusing to intervene saying that husband/wife issues need to be resolved by the couple concerned. The common advise a person gets is to be patient and take care not to annoy the person. It is this attitude that acts as an incentive for bad behavior.As Shail has rightly pointed out this is not love. Constantly demoralizing one's dependent be it wife, parents or children and claiming to have their welfare in mind is not love. Love is based on mutual respect in a relationship not a master/slave arrangement. Unfortunately the psychological impact is such that the tormented person actually misses being tormented since he/she believes that the tormentor's behavior is justified. There are so many aspects to this subtle form of mental torture that it can only be experienced never conveyed.In the case of the couple mentioned there were people who thought that X ought to have accepted the gift since it was worth much more than the book she asked for. no one understood that it was not the price that mattered.

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Odrisso said:

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Tee said:

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whitestar said:

Thank you very much

Naynandaminn.lashio said:

Dear Myat,

I am sorry I couldn't write in response to your question immediately. I had a couple of hectic weeks. I would like you to visit to my Facebook in order to learn the usage of Vbe+supposed to +V1 and the difference of may and might. I think It could help you understand. Just simply add naynandaminn.lashio or [email protected]
Thank you for your support.

Ps. An English Maniac, Thanks for sharing your knowledge


Myat said:

An English Maniac,

An English Maniac said:

Hi Myat,
According to Dictionary: You can find there are two different meanings/usages for "be supposed to"
- supposed (DUTY) adjective
be supposed to = to have to; to have a duty or a responsibility to:
Eg. 1.The children are supposed to be at school by 8.45 a.m.
2.What are you doing out of bed - you're supposed to be asleep.
3.You're not supposed (= allowed) to park here.

There's another meaning:

supposed (INTENDED) adjective
be supposed to = to be intended to:
Eg. 1.These batteries are supposed to last for a year.
2.We were supposed to have gone away this week, but Debbie's ill so we couldn't go.
3. How am I supposed to (= How can I) find that much money by the end of the week?

Hope those are what you would like to konw. :)

Myat said:

If possible,pls explain me usage of "may,might,may not and might not".Sometime i heard some singaporean used to speak"might not".Then I wanna know usage of "be supposed to".I have been learing that "BST" from some websites.But some usage are different from we myanmar aspect.Thanks

Yan Naing Min said:


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