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Lesson 30: Effective English Speaking Pattern 1
by Nay Nanda Minn (Lashio)
Lesson 30: Effective English Speaking Pattern 1. In this English lesson, Sayar Nay Nanda Minn shares the Effective English Speaking Patterns for learners of English. He uses very catchy sentences to elaborate Pattern No.1. If you are dying to improve your command of English, read this article and do the given exercises.

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Dasia said:

That's an ingnoeius way of thinking about it.

Myat Mon said:

1. I am dying to marry her.
2. I'm dying to do own business.
3. I'm dying to increase my salary.
4. I'm dying to go back to Myanmar.
5. I'm dying to speak English fluently.
6. I'm dying to inform the boss that he is laying down on the job.
7. I'm dying to help you to increase the fund.

Dear Saya,
Please check my answer.
Thanks & Regards,
Myat Mon

thureinwin said:


Kitty said:

Thank you so much saya.
I'm waiting Pattern 3.

ko nyan said:

I am dying to be a speaker as native speaker in english language.thanks teacher........

Naynandaminn.lashio said:

Dear Kitty,

The following idioms can be used.

Lie down on the job (or) Lay down on the job

I am dying to inform the boss that he is laying down on the job.

Thank you for your support.

HMO said:

I would like to say thanks for your post

Kitty said:

I can't talk no.6.
Could you please explain how to talk.

Kitty said:

I'm dying to speak English fluently.
Thank you so much saya

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