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Lesson 23: Practical Everyday English (Part 1)
by Sayar Y
Lesson 23: Practical Everyday English (Part 1).  In this English lesson, Sayar Y explains the usage of "Fussy" with a variety of examples. And he has given a number of synonyms for "Fussy". So please don

Naufal said:

Scandal attempts crazy trikcs like that all the time. He has some complex where he believes that the higher up he is, the more powerful (it's a cat thing). It means he always tries to get into the furnace room because he can hide in the rafters. Except my parents hate that because they are unsure if he could travel to a neighbor's house since they are all connected and the neighbors would be all WTH a cat?!? Poor Charlie. It must be an adjustment to have to live with two other cats after ruling his own apartment for so long! [url=]aljythau[/url] [link=]mxegpfx[/link]

Irfan said:

Our Pip who is 15 has wet food in the morning and <a href="">kiblbe</a> for old dogs in the afternoon which she eats slowly as the days goes on. She doesn't like it but it helps keep her teeth as healthy as can be for an old dog. She is too old to have them cleaned and we are sure they may give her a few problems but the dry food does help with her breath. Not fun getting old.Have a fabulous Friday. Best wishes Molly

Bre said:

I think the question about the klibbe being too hard is a good question, but it could also be that she is losing some of her sense of smell or the food just doesn't have the taste to used to have for her. Supplements are a good idea. Fish oil is a good one to try. It also has a strong smell and may appeal to her more. Most senior dog food really doesn't do as much for a senior dog as people think. It's more a marketing technique. But, before that. You may want to check her teeth to see if she has some dental decay and maybe even a visit to a vet. Hope you figure out what's going on! BTW - Daisy is 9 now too. :)

Y said:

Dear K007,
Let me continue,
While the sentence " I know you are a fussy eater" (if you really analyse thoroughly) obviously mentions about that person (the word "eater" represents that person ), the other sentence "I know how fussy you are" can be determined that the speaker wants to mention more on the character of the person. (Y)

Y said:

Hi K007,
Sorry for my late reply.
It depends on how you want to describe that condition in words. Sometimes, the meaning is the same but the way you express in words shows what you are thinking in mind. So, there always has a specific emphasis in each word or phrase or sentence if you really want to go in-depth analysis. For instance, (A) Just do it like I say. (B) Like I say, just do it. For sentence A & B, we just changed the word order and the meaning is obviously the same but you would notice what the specific point each sentence mentions. (22.11.2012)- Y

San said:

Greatly appreciated for your good job.. Please keep it up ...

K007 said:

Please let me throw one query:) I am not clarified about the usage of sentence patterns, "I know you are a fuzzy eater" and "I know how fuzzy you are". You explained the former can be written as the latter. Could you please kindly explain would it be always OK for all conditions?

white star said:

Thank you

Boomer said:

All of my qeustonis settled-thanks!

aung bo said:

many many thank you

khine said:

very useful for lesson. next the lesson learn to more.

min said:

thank for try we

Win said:

Thank you.

Thinzar said:

Thanks you so mach for your lesson.

yewinnaing said:

oh very good
let me know other sentences


lwin said:

Thanks,I'm fussy eater

winy said:

oh great thanks

Thu Zar said:

Thank you so much.

Aung said:

I am not fussy enough that I agree what you said!

Nandar said:

It's very useful for me.

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