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Lesson 20: English Language - 4 Skills (Part 6)
by Nay Nanda Minn (Lashio)
Lesson 20: English Language - 4 Skills (Part 6).  In this English lesson, Sayar Nay Nanda Minn explains about the "usage of Simple Present Tense" under four conditions. He explains it using numerous examples. He also elaborates on the usage of "Adverb of Frequency". Learn the lesson, and it will surely be useful for your command of English.

Lavonda said:

Keep up the great work and bringing in the crowd!

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Akemi said:

I just wanted to say thnaks for the free lesson.Excellent job and after taking my first free lesson it was easy to see how this kind of training is the perfect way to learn a new language. I learned more from my first lesson then I learned in years of study. I also like this style of teaching and learning because it eliminates the factoring of scheduled classes and the traffic that I needed to get through to get there and back.This is exactly what I have been looking for, Thanks again.T.R.



Naynandaminn(lashio) said:

@ Mayhtoo, please wait for the part 8 which is about the Usage of Articles in detail. Thanks

mayhtoo said:

Thank you sir,
Your lesson is very nice.I'm waiting your coming lesson.
And then,I would like to know the use of 'THE' .Please.
Thanks a million Sayar Nay Nanda..

maysixteen said:

Thank you for your lesson.
I'm often study your lessons.
I'm waiting for next lesson.

zunthu said:

Thanks For this Program.

Naynandaminn(lashio) said:

Thanks for all your comments.

@ Studentboy528

Save (verb/noun/preposition/conjuction)
Safe (Adjective/noun)

I think you might get confused while you use them in the Noun form as other forms are not very complicated.

Save (n) an act or instance of saving,esp in sports (ကာကြယ္ၿခင္း- အထူးသၿဖင့္ အားကစား ေတြမွာ သုံးပါတယ္)
e.g. 1. Being a good goalkeeper, he made some amazing saves in the game.

Safe (n) 1. a steel or iron box or repository for money, jewels, papers, etc. (အာမခံေသတၱာ)
2. A repository for protecting stored items, especially a cooled compartment for perishable foods (အေအးခန္း အကန့္ (သို.) သိုေလွာင္သည့္ ေသတၱာ) e.g. A cheese safe (cheese မ်ားထားရာ အေအးခန္း)

ႈIn order to use the words properly in the sentence, we'd better know its part of speech and the specific meanings.
For example, While save is used in the form of conjunction, that should be after. i.e save that= unless

Please drop me an email or give me a call if you have any question so that I can give the detailed explanation.

studentboy528 said:

this lesson is very nice.Please Sir,i want to know save,safe to use in sentenses.

hnineiphyu said:

Thanks for your useful lessons

Smile said:

Sayar Nay Nanda....

Really thanks you for sharing useful lessons.... We r waiting comming lessons...

ei said:

thanks u so much sir,

haymar said:

thanks so much

Khine said:


aurela said:

somewat i gain something by learning this lesson.. thks

thinlaipyone said:

This lessons is very good.

It is very useful for me

Thanks a lot Sayar Nay Nanda.

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