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Lesson 10: Common English Usage (Part 5)
by Sayar Y
Lesson 10: Common English Usage (Part 5). In this English lesson, Sayar Y Sayar Y continues to explain the usage of "such... that". He gives many easy-to-understand examples to illustrate the expression.

Ecka said:

It does seem like a lot of fats, but I think they are essential to lisnog our own body fat. It is hard to believe, but it worked for me. I may redo the program again. So, if you start over after Day 7, let me know, and I will write my experiences right along with you. [url=]jnptin[/url] [link=]wbencq[/link]

Manish said:

Today was pretty good. When I first tried the easy being green salad I<a href=""> clduon</a>'t figure out how it became one of your faves. BUT, I bought some better organic sauerkraut and used fresh corn kernels today (frozen last time) as well as actually massaging the avocado into the greens and WOW! Loved this. Couldn't finish it all but I'll probably have some while DS and I are watching movies if I get snacky. Since I may need to go do the first 7 days again once I'm done, I am learning what I like and don't like so I can make adjustments to make things more palatable on the second go round. I do feel like I'm getting too many fats with all the coconut oil, nuts and avocadoes. I know they're good fats but it still seems a bit much for ME. I may have to reduce them on the next round if I do it I started reading Ani's Essentials and it's pretty good. There are some great recipes but obviously I haven't tried them yet since I'm still doing the fat blast. Jill, this is really fun coming here to read what you had to say after each day and compare our assessments of everything!

Spencer said:

Finnidg this post has solved my problem

San said:

Thanks & appreciate to teaching with good wishes.

Zar Ni said:

Thank you so much saya. These are very useful lessons for me.

Y said:

Dear Phyo,
My email address is [email protected]

phyo phyo said:

Thanks a lots saya. How can i contact you for learning english.

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