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Southern California Braces For Wildfires As Region Goes On High Alert
Posted 3 hours 9 minutes ago

On the heels of devastating wildfires that killed more than 40 people in Northern California earlier this month, Southern California is now on high alert for fire danger.


Lucky Australian diver paddles five miles to shore with a tiger shark following him
Posted 3 hours 15 minutes ago

It's a situation no ocean swimmer wants to find themselves in. John Craig was free diving off the coast of Shark Bay in Western Australia on Friday afternoon, when he suddenly found himself alone — and stalked by a tiger shark. SEE ALSO: In Australia, sometimes you've got to pick a shark out of a pool Craig and a friend of his were at the last dive spot of the day, where a series of unfortunate events began, according to his Facebook post.  On his first shot spearfishing, he had managed to get his spear stuck in a rock. Meanwhile, his friend was on the boat, which was having mechanical trouble. By the point Craig managed to get his spear free, the boat had drifted away. He was alone. "I started to call out and splash to try and get the attention of my friend but after five minutes it was clear I was on my own ... I had been splashing and screaming for some time and my heart rate was sky high," he wrote in the post. Craig then dived underwater to check that he was in the same place as marked on the GPS, when he noticed a four-metre-long tiger shark approaching and circling beneath him.  "It was obvious the sharks had been attracted by my splashing and panicking so I knew immediately that I had to try to calm down in order to survive," he said. After recognising the shark was trying to size him up, Craig decided to make a beeline for the shore. It wasn't going to be an easy swim, he was 7.4 kilometres (4.6 miles) out to sea. Then, the shark followed him. "I have to admit that at this point I thought I was gone," he said. Fortunately, the shark swimming along with him gave up after about 500 metres in, and left him alone.  Craig kept swimming for about three hours before he noticed boats and a plane searching for him. He screamed and waved at them — but his wetsuit was in camouflage, making it difficult for rescuers to find him. He made it to shore, exhausted from the swim and barely able to walk. The rescue boats and plane were too far for him to signal. Half an hour later, a plane came along the coast and circled to show that it had seen him. He was picked up by a fisheries boat, and reunited with his wife. "I feel extremely lucky to be alive and was blown away by the Shark Bay community's efforts to rescue me," he added. "I am eternally grateful and I'm sure I'll be buying beers for years to come."  Despite the frightening experience, Craig doesn't want to discourage people from diving around Shark Bay. "We need them in the oceans and as much as it was scary at the time I can only reflect on how beautiful that big female tiger shark was. If the circumstances were different I would have been stoked to have that experience," he said. WATCH: Someone created a storm lamp that produces lightning every time Trump tweets


The Latest: Father of missing girl back in police custody
Posted 3 hours 17 minutes ago

DALLAS (AP) — The Latest on the investigation of the disappearance of a 3-year-old suburban Dallas girl (all times local):


California launching fire clean-up 'for the record books'
Posted 3 hours 18 minutes ago

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) — Government officials outlined plans Monday for what they say will be the largest fire clean-up in California history, aimed at removing hazardous substances and ash from 8,400 homes and other structures burned in Northern California wildfires.


Politically charged murder trial of Mexican immigrant starts in San Francisco
Posted 4 hours 8 minutes ago

(Reuters) - The trial of a Mexican man accused of murdering a woman while illegally in the United States began in San Francisco on Monday, a case that President Donald Trump has cited as an example of the dangers posed by lax border security. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, also known as Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, has said he shot Kate Steinle by accident on a pier in the California city on July 1, 2015. "He did not know the object in his hand was a gun," Matt Gonzalez, an attorney for the defendant, was quoted as saying by NBC Bay Area before he headed into the courtroom.


Why Bill O'Reilly's $32 Million Sexual Harassment Settlement Is 'Highly Unusual'
Posted 5 hours 54 minutes ago

The New York Times reported over the weekend that former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly paid $32 million in January to settle a sexual harassment case — a sum legal experts say is “unprecedented” and “highly unusual.”


WATCH: First lady Melania Trump happily mobbed by students during anti-bullying school visit
Posted 7 hours 25 minutes ago

First lady Melania Trump gave a group of students a special treat on Monday during her surprise visit to a Michigan middle school.


Police need help identifying child who mysteriously washed up dead on Texas beach
Posted 8 hours 46 minutes ago

Police are looking for the public's help to identify a young boy whose lifeless body washed ashore on a beach in Galveston, Texas, on Friday evening.


Russian Radio Journalist Stabbed In Neck Amid Anti-Media Violence
Posted 9 hours 31 minutes ago

A prominent journalist at Russia’s top independent radio station was stabbed in the neck on Monday after a spate of recent attacks and threats against Russian media.


Barack Obama couldn't stop laughing after George W. Bush whispered in his ear
Posted 10 hours 5 minutes ago

All five living former U.S. presidents gathered at a hurricane relief concert in Texas to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria on Saturday night -- and the Internet can't stop obsessing about one moment between George W. Bush and Barack Obama.


Mark Cuban says he is thinking of running against Donald Trump in 2020
Posted 10 hours 5 minutes ago

Mark Cuban is “seriously considering” running against Donald Trump should the latter decide to seek a second term as US President in 2020. Mr Cuban, who sold video portal business to Yahoo in 1999 and is worth an estimated $3.3bn (£2.5bn), said he could challenge Mr Trump for the Republican nomination. While describing himself as “fiercely independent”, he told Fox News he would most likely run as a GOP candidate.


Man Gets $117 Traffic Ticket After Singing '90s Dance Hit In Car
Posted 11 hours 13 minutes ago

Talk about a bum note: A Montreal man says he’s facing a $117 traffic ticket just for singing in his car.


Police Say 3 Deaths Could Be Work Of Serial Killer 'Terrorizing' Tampa
Posted 11 hours 15 minutes ago

A string of murders in Florida is sparking fears that a serial killer is targeting Tampa residents.


Foreigners who joined IS faced almost certain death in Raqqa
Posted 11 hours 37 minutes ago

The forces fighting the remnants of the Islamic State group in Syria have tacit instructions on dealing with the foreigners who joined the extremist group by the thousands: Kill them on the battlefield.


Megyn Kelly Reveals She Complained To Fox News About Bill O'Reilly
Posted 11 hours 45 minutes ago

Bill O’Reilly says the recent New York Times report that he settled a sexual harassment suit for $32 million shortly before Fox News offered him a $100 million contract extension is “false, defamatory” and “another smear article.”


British-born Putin critic has US visa revoked after Russia places him on international arrest list
Posted 11 hours 47 minutes ago

A British businessman and outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin said his ability to enter the US has been revoked after Russia placed him on an international police wanted list. Bill Browder, a hedge fund manager and activist, said he was informed his so-called Global Entry status had been suspended and that he was unable to check in for a flight to the US, after Russia had him added to the Interpol arrest list. Mr Browder, 53, who pushed for the US to enforce a powerful set of sanctions against figures close to the Kremlin, said Russia had tried on four previous occasions to have him placed on the Interpol Red List.


Catalan separatists vow 'civil disobedience' in standoff with Madrid
Posted 12 hours 1 minute ago

Catalan separatists Monday threatened "mass civil disobedience" if Madrid carries out threats to depose their leaders, as tensions mounted over a bid to sever the region from Spain. Madrid stood firm on its plans to replace the government of the semi-autonomous region whose inhabitants voted "Yes" in a banned independence referendum on October 1. Catalonia's separatist parties, in turn, called a special session of the regional parliament for Thursday to devise a response.


Man Accused of Stalking Girl, 8, and Her Brother, 12, Before Leaving Note in Mailbox: 'Watch Out'
Posted 12 hours 16 minutes ago

The family told police they do not know the man, who allegedly wrote a note that said: "Your daughter is cute."


Here's everything leaving (and being added to) Netflix in November
Posted 12 hours 38 minutes ago

Another month, another onslaught of new additions -- and titles being taken away -- on Netflix.


Bitcoin is 'Enron in the making', Saudi Prince Alwaleed says
Posted 13 hours 10 minutes ago

Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns investment firm Kingdom Holding, expressed skepticism about cryptocurrencies in an interview with CNBC on Monday, warning that bitcoin was like "Enron in the making". Prince Alwaleed, whose company invests in major U.S. companies such as Citigroup and Twitter, said a lack of regulation made such cryptocurrencies risky. It's Enron in the making," he said, referring to the U.S. energy company that filed for bankruptcy in 2001 after revelations of a widespread accounting fraud.


Bill O'Reilly Accuser Says She's Still 'Terrified' Of Fox News
Posted 13 hours 12 minutes ago

Juliet Huddy, a former Fox News employee who accused Bill O’Reilly of sexually harassing her in 2011, said Monday that she’s still “terrified” of the network after the lengths it went to in order to protect him and discredit her.


Indonesia seeks answers from US as top general denied entry
Posted 13 hours 31 minutes ago

Indonesia's government is seeking clarification from the U.S. after the Indonesian military chief was denied entry to the country, an official said Sunday.


St Andrews University students celebrate 'Raisin Monday'
Posted 13 hours 37 minutes ago

In a tradition that may go back centuries, older students at St Andrews spend a weekend showing new kids around, after which the younger students demonstrate their gratitude with a gift. It used to be raisins, but not now.


Bernie Sanders Says He'll Run For Re-election As An Independent
Posted 14 hours 29 minutes ago

confirmed he’ll run for re-election next year as an independent candidate.


Ex-Crime Scene Investigator Allegedly Murdered P.I. Who Was Found In Cement-Covered Grave
Posted 15 hours 7 minutes ago

Suspect Ashley McArthur once worked at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.


Dozens of Packaged Vegetable Products Recalled Amid Listeria Fears
Posted 15 hours 58 minutes ago

It affects more than 30 products


Norway wealth fund watchdog reviewing investment in U.S. pipeline firm
Posted 16 hours 37 minutes ago

The ethics watchdog for Norway's $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund is reviewing allegations that U.S. pipeline operator Energy Transfer Partners may breach the fund's investment guidelines. Under rules set by Norway's parliament, any firm the fund invests in must meet guidelines related to the environment, human rights, governance and other issues. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has said it could contaminate the Missouri River and said it threatens their sacred sites.


Elon Musk Hints Tesla Model 3 Will Be Psychic
Posted 17 hours 37 minutes ago

The next Tesla model is set to use AI to predict your destination—and then drive you there.


Jimmy Carter Wants to Work for Trump on North Korea
Posted 19 hours 10 minutes ago

The former president agrees with Trump on media harshness and the NFL protests, as he puts himself forward to work with the White House.


US 'to put nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert' for first time since Cold War
Posted 19 hours 41 minutes ago

The United States is preparing to put nuclear bomber planes on 24-hour alert for the first time since the Cold War, a senior Air Force official has said. A fleet of B-52s laden with nuclear weapons could soon be readied to launch within a day's notice amid growing tensions with North Korea. General David Goldfein, Air Force Chief of Staff, said US military leaders were being forced to adapt to "the reality of the global situation we find ourselves in".


Game Over for ISIS Fighters in Philippines' Marawi City
Posted 19 hours 45 minutes ago

President Rodrigo Duterte declared Marawi City liberated six days ago, even though battles were still ongoing.


Hikers’ Families Say Deaths Motivated By ‘Compassion’
Posted 23 hours 21 minutes ago

The families of a young couple found dead in an embrace believe they died in a murder-suicide motivated by compassion.


'It was going to eat her' - Aussie teen survives shark scare
Posted 1 day 3 hours 30 minutes ago

An Australian teenager has survived a terrifying encounter with a great white shark, with her harrowing screams alerting her father who was certain it was about to "eat her". Sarah Williams, 15, was fishing for squid from a kayak off the South Australian coast near Normanville on Sunday when the shark struck. "This shark has just rolled and all I saw was the dark side and the white belly and just huge fins and just white water everywhere," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Monday.


Mother, son and daughter all arrested in connection to multiple robberies on Long Island
Posted 1 day 3 hours 54 minutes ago

A woman and her two children have been arrested in Long Island in connection to seven armed robberies, all of which took place over the last month.


David Petraeus: White House Is Wrong, Generals Are 'Fair Game' For Criticism
Posted 1 day 4 hours 47 minutes ago

Petraeus on WH's claim that it's "inappropriate" to debate a general: "We in uniform protect the rights of others to criticize us frankly."


2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T: Here It Is
Posted 1 day 5 hours 4 minutes ago

The Carrera T is yet another 911 variant, but this is now the lightest 911 you can buy.


Pets And People Are Joyously Reuniting After California Wildfires
Posted 1 day 5 hours 39 minutes ago

Some Northern Californians who feared the worst for their pets in the wake of this month’s deadly wildfires are getting some welcome good news in recent days: Their animals survived.


Travel plea for conjoined twins in blockaded Gaza
Posted 1 day 10 hours 24 minutes ago

Conjoined twins born in Gaza Sunday need to leave the blockaded Palestinian enclave for treatment crucial to their survival, their doctor and a family member said. "A woman gave birth this morning to Siamese twins joined at the stomach and pelvis," Allam Abu Hamda, head of the neonatal unit at Gaza's Shifa Hospital, told AFP. The twins, whose condition Abu Hamda said was stable, have one shared leg, but separate hearts and lungs.


On the USS Reagan amid growing nuclear tensions
Posted 1 day 11 hours 12 minutes ago

ABC News' Chief Global Correspondent Martha Raddatz travelled to the USS Reagan for an exclusive look at U.S. military preparations near North Korea.


Strudel The Obese Dog's Fitness Journey Is Nothing Short Of Inspiring
Posted 1 day 11 hours 34 minutes ago

The dramatic weight loss of a severely chunky golden retriever mix could be an inspiration to people caring for overweight pets.


NFL’s Atlanta Falcons Hope New Stadium Can Spark Change in Community
Posted 1 day 12 hours 38 minutes ago

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has invested $15 million in a local job training program as part of a deal to build Atlanta’s new football stadium in Westside Atlanta, one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.


Chinese President Xi Jinping Declares Era of “National Rejuvenation”
Posted 1 day 12 hours 48 minutes ago

Chinese president Xi Jinping declared an era of national rejuvenation in a speech that garnered 1.5 billion virtual claps on a virtual applause app released in conjunction with the Communist Party congress.


Hamas deputy leader says to continue Iran ties, armed fight
Posted 1 day 13 hours 37 minutes ago

The deputy head of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas vowed to keep close ties with Israel's arch-enemy Iran and to maintain its weapons, Iranian media reported on Sunday, rejecting Israeli preconditions for any peace talks. Hamas, which is designated as a terrorist group by Western countries and Israel, signed a reconciliation deal this month with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction. "Undoubtedly, the Palestinian resistance forces will never give up ... their arms," the semi-official news agency Mehr quoted Saleh Arouri as saying at a meeting with the Iranian parliament's speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran.


Some Truly Excellent Costumes From NYC's Famous Halloween Dog Parade
Posted 1 day 13 hours 46 minutes ago

Every year, New Yorkers and their beloved canine pals embark on a time-honored tradition: The Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.


DIY Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Couples That Are Actually Doable
Posted 1 day 14 hours 29 minutes ago

Procrastinating husband, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends: fear not!


The Fighter that Replaces the F-35 Could Be Armed with Lasers and Hypersonic Missiles
Posted 1 day 15 hours 4 minutes ago

Smart skins with distributed electronics means that instead of having systems mounted on the aircraft, you would have apertures integrated on the skin of the aircraft, analysts have said. Some of these characteristics may have been on display earlier this year when Northrop Grumman's SuperBowl AD revealed a flashy first look at its rendering of a new 6th-generation fighter jet. The new aircraft, engineered to succeed the 5th-generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and explode onto the scene by the mid 2030s, is now in the earliest stages of conceptual development with the Air Force and Navy.


'The Peshmerga sold us out': Kurdish shock and disbelief after losing the gamble for independence
Posted 1 day 15 hours 30 minutes ago

Not much more than a month ago, Iraqi Kurdistan's leaders seemed sure that their path to independence was all but guaranteed. The autonomous region controlled swathes of disputed territory once administered by the federal government in Baghdad, including vast oil reserves and energy infrastructure. Its armed forces, known as Peshmerga, enjoyed a formidable reputation and had cooperated closely with the US and other powerful allies in the fight against Islamic State. The way, they thought, was clear. But on Monday October 16, Iraqi government forces ousted Peshmerga from the disputed city of Kirkuk along with nearby oil fields that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) had counted on for revenues to sustain an independent state. A convoy of Iraqi military trucks flying religious Shia flags and Iraqi national flag as they advance into the central of Kirkuk city, northern Iraq Credit: EPA The defeat came shockingly fast and prompted a disorderly retreat from other territories that KRG president Masoud Barzani had pledged would never be returned to Baghdad. It was a rout that blindsided many of Iraq’s Kurds and left their long held dream of secession in tatters. In the regional capital of Erbil, officials, soldiers and civilians alike are still struggling to come to terms with this profound humiliation. “The Kurdish community never expected such a reaction from the Iraqi government,” said Alan, 26, who asked that he be known only by his first name. “We didn't expect them to attack us and take Kirkuk by force, it has become like a siege now.” The crisis was largely impelled by last month's controversial independence referendum, which faced near-universal opposition. Neighbouring Turkey and Iran found a rare moment of unity to agree retaliatory counter-measures, while Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi threatened military action if the results were not annulled. Even allies — with the exception of Israel — begged the KRG to postpone or cancel the vote, for fear it would destabilise the entire region. But Mr Barzani pressed on, seemingly confident the results would trigger secession talks in which they would hold a major advantage. Iraqi Kurdish President Masoud Barzani salutes the crowd while attending a rally to show their support for the September 25 independence referendum Credit: Reuters That now appears to have been a miscalculation of epic proportions. Voting went ahead as planned on September 25 and results reflected an overwhelming desire to leave the rest of Iraq. The backlash was rapid. At first, Baghdad chipped away at existing aspects of autonomy by banning international flights from landing in the region and demanding control of oil exports. Eventually though, Mr Abadi made good on his threats. Soon after retaking Kirkuk he called for a return to talks. “The illegal referendum is over, its results invalid and belongs in the past,” he said on Twitter. “We call for dialogue based on Iraq’s national constitution.” A return to the negotiating table now seem to be the only option open to Mr Barzani, though he will be in a far weaker position than before. Saudi oil minister Khalid al-Falih made a high-profile visit to Iraq on Saturday, as the countries begin strengthening ties in the sector and frosty relations between the countries thaw. On the same day, Mr Abadi left Baghdad for a visit to Saudi Arabia. Over the weekend, angry protestors in Erbil waved Kurdish flags outside the US embassy and UN consulate, some carrying signs saying, "We need our country". People outside the Iranian consulate cheered as a man tore down its flag. Iraqi Kurds wave flags and chant slogans during a protest outside the US consulate Credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images The Kirkuk crisis has bred widespread resentment and acrimony and not just between the two rival governments. Iraq’s Kurds now see betrayal from every side.  Control of the Peshmerga is split between Iraqi Kurdistan’s two largest political factions, Mr Barzani’s ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). It was the PUK that first withdrew from Kirkuk after making an Iran-backed deal with the Iraqi government forces, although KDP peshmerga subsequently retreated too. Nevertheless, KDP officials and media outlets wasted no time in labelling the PUK traitors. Even Mr Barzani, who a week later, still has yet to make a public appearance since losing the city, blamed “persons within a certain internal political party of Kurdistan” in a statement. Others are less circumspect. “The Peshmerga sold us out, it was a PUK leaders, they made a deal for the whole of Kirkuk,” said Dana, 25, a student from the city. Iraqi Kurds clash with pro-government militia 01:51 PUK officials and followers have in turn levelled accusations of graft and egotism at the KDP while criticising Barzani for forcing through the referendum. “This is Barzani’s fault, because he asked for a country and his soldiers can’t even fire two bullets,” said one Erbil resident, who asked not to be named for fear of repercussions. The crisis revealed deep-seated Kurdish rivalries, said Chatham House fellow Renad Mansour. “This showed the disunity of the Kurdistan region not only as a sub-state but with Peshmerga loyal to political parties and even individuals.” Divided and isolated, Iraq’s Kurds now feel abandoned by even their staunchest allies. The US has been slow to react to both the referendum and crisis in Kirkuk, at first describing clashes between Iraqi and Kurdish forces that killed nearly 30 people as a “misunderstanding.” And when government troops pushed Peshmerga out of the fringes of Kirkuk province on Friday, a statement from the Kurdish General Command made sure to highlight that they faced “American weapons that have been supplied to the Iraqi Army”. For Baran Abdullah, 25, a Peshmerga fighter whose unit recently retreated from the disputed town of Makhmour, the US was no longer a friend. “We don’t trust Americans anymore and we don’t need them anymore,” he said angrily. “We are finished with them.”


Tom Hanks Offers Suggestion To Those 'Frustrated' With Current Affairs: 'Read History'
Posted 1 day 16 hours 24 minutes ago

Actor Tom Hanks recommends this: Brush up on your history.


Trump Offers $430,000 Of His Own Money For Aides' Legal Fees In Russian Probe
Posted 1 day 23 hours 13 minutes ago

Donald Trump is offering at least $430,000 of his own funds to help defray the legal costs of aides amid federal probes into Russian influence in the presidential election.

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