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Group to sue Trump over foreign payments
Posted 3 hours 19 minutes ago

An ethics watchdog group claims the president is violating a ban on accepting payments from foreign governments.


Governor aims to pioneer free tuition for all
Posted 4 hours 45 minutes ago

Gov. Gina Raimondo is pushing to make Rhode Island the first state to guarantee free access for every college student.


Despite rocky start, Trump pledges unity
Posted 8 hours 24 minutes ago

He shifts away from a combative stance in an attempt to reassure Americans he is up to the daunting task ahead.


Astonishing data on Women’s March crowd sizes
Posted 9 hours 16 minutes ago

A professor of political science says more than 1 in every 100 people in the U.S. turned out to march.


Trump vows to 'start renegotiating' NAFTA
Posted 9 hours 19 minutes ago

The president pledges to begin renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement in talks with Mexico and Canada.


Sign of the times: Best Women’s March messages
Posted 10 hours 58 minutes ago

Millions of people in cities around the world were armed with some of the most clever and colorful signs in protest of President Trump.


Trump war with press raises questions of trust
Posted 10 hours 59 minutes ago

The administration says it's holding the media accountable, but journalists fear what one calls a "propaganda campaign."


Battle emerges over Texas sanctuary cities
Posted 11 hours 2 minutes ago

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott threatens to cut funding for a county that is scaling back its cooperation with immigration agents.


George H.W. Bush improves, remains in hospital
Posted 11 hours 18 minutes ago

The 92-year-old former president continues receiving treatment, but his vital signs are normal, a spokesman says.


Russia nears decriminalizing domestic abuse
Posted 12 hours 13 minutes ago

Lawmakers initially approve a bill eliminating criminal liability for domestic violence short of serious bodily harm or rape.


McCain, Graham to support State Dept. nom
Posted 12 hours 55 minutes ago

Two senior Republican lawmakers said they would vote to approve President Trump's nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson.


Trump may not enforce health insurance rule
Posted 14 hours 33 minutes ago

The Trump administration may no longer enforce a mandate requiring people to have health insurance.


Trump spurs uncertainty for wind, solar power
Posted 15 hours 2 minutes ago

States pushing for greater reliance on wind and solar power are not quite sure what to expect from the president.


Trump aide cites 'alternative facts'
Posted 15 hours 18 minutes ago

Kellyanne Conway uses the term while defending the administration's false claims about inauguration crowd size.


Rep. Joe Kennedy: Heed voters' fears
Posted 15 hours 49 minutes ago

Their economic concerns affected the election outcome and should now become part of the Democratic agenda, he says.


Trump responds to Women's March protesters
Posted 16 hours 43 minutes ago

President Trump questioned the more than 1 million people around the country who marched in protest of his presidency.


British PM Theresa May set to meet with Trump
Posted 16 hours 53 minutes ago

May says she'll use their Jan. 27 discussion to speak candidly about free trade and the NATO alliance.


GOP cautiously welcomes the Trump era
Posted 19 hours 59 minutes ago

Republicans say they're growing increasingly accustomed to expecting the unexpected from the president.


Marchers' defiant message to President Trump
Posted 1 day 21 minutes ago

More than 1 million people rallied at women's marches in the nation's capital and cities around the world.


How Trump angered a former CIA director
Posted 1 day 3 hours 3 minutes ago

After the president airs his grievances with the media in front of a CIA memorial wall, a former agency chief calls the behavior "despicable."


Family hands out old news to D.C. marchers
Posted 1 day 3 hours 58 minutes ago

A newsstand owner and his two teenage daughters give away newspapers from Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration.


Everyday Americans share Women’s March stories
Posted 1 day 4 hours 16 minutes ago

A Massachusetts mom, a former St. Louis English teacher, and a Tennessee college student offer personal views of the historic event.


Historic Women’s March in D.C. ends in triumph
Posted 1 day 5 hours 41 minutes ago

A woman from Louisville calls the "movement" in Washington "one of the most inspirational days" of her life.


Mexican president talks with Trump
Posted 1 day 8 hours 4 minutes ago

Enrique Peña Nieto congratulated Trump on his inauguration and reiterated his interest in maintaining dialogue.


1 million join anti-Trump marches worldwide
Posted 1 day 8 hours 15 minutes ago

Crowds in Washington alone numbered 500,000, with more in cities as far afield as Mexico City, Prague, and Sydney.


White House claims biggest inauguration crowd
Posted 1 day 9 hours 2 minutes ago

White House press secretary Sean Spicer uses his first official statement on Saturday to castigate the media.


White House website pulls out the stops for Trump
Posted 1 day 10 hours 18 minutes ago

The most striking aspect of the new White House website may be what it has to say about the president.


Trump visits CIA, blames media for tensions
Posted 1 day 10 hours 59 minutes ago

“There is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the CIA than Donald Trump,” he declared.


Inside Trump's confirmation-hearing war rooms
Posted 1 day 12 hours 15 minutes ago

The transition team has set up an elaborate operation to prepare Cabinet nominees for their hearings..


George H.W. Bush, wife recovering
Posted 1 day 13 hours 9 minutes ago

Both are improving and had a good night as they recover from illnesses at Houston Methodist Hospital, says a spokesman.


March recruits ousted inauguration announcer
Posted 1 day 14 hours 27 minutes ago

Charles Brotman, who announced every inaugural parade since 1957, is helping announce the Women's March on Washington.


WH petition on Trump's taxes hits threshold
Posted 1 day 15 hours 59 minutes ago

A new petition calling on the Trump administration to immediately release his tax returns quickly got enough signatures to get a response.


Bergdahl legal case tests Trump's rhetoric
Posted 1 day 16 hours 27 minutes ago

The motion filed Friday argues that Trump violated the Army sergeant’s due process rights by repeatedly calling him a traitor.


If convicted, El Chapo likely headed to Supermax
Posted 1 day 17 hours 54 minutes ago

The Mexican drug lord pleaded not guilty in U.S. district court to running perhaps the world's largest drug smuggling operation.


State media: Putin to meet Trump, but not soon
Posted 1 day 20 hours 4 minutes ago

Preparations for a possible meeting may take months, not weeks, a Kremlin spokesman tells the TASS news agency.


More than 200 arrested at Trump inauguration
Posted 2 days 3 hours 15 minutes ago

Demonstrators in D.C., many wearing masks and helmets, clashed with police officers as Donald Trump was sworn in as president.


Trump signs first executive order
Posted 2 days 7 hours 58 minutes ago

Hours after getting sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump moves swiftly to push his agenda.


Concerned residents learn to be 'active bystanders'
Posted 2 days 8 hours 8 minutes ago

A group of D.C.-area residents harnesses their "moral outrage" so they can step in and protect victims of harassment.


What Trump's speech did, and didn't, do
Posted 2 days 9 hours 31 minutes ago

Those hoping for a more inclusive tone and an appeal to the common humanity of each American were disappointed.


Trump is president. Here's what happens next
Posted 2 days 10 hours 57 minutes ago

He has a lot of big plans. Here is a field guide to his early economic agenda and his odds for success.

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